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We provide analytical firepower to engineering and construction stakeholders on projects worldwide.  


We understand project data and how it can both underpin or undermine commercial or legal outcomes.


Information flow within supply chains can be complex and challenging. Our services combine sector insight and forensic technology to achieve outcomes unattainable by typical analogue methods.  

We convert technology and sector insight into opportunity and advantage.



We provide analytical firepower in contemplation or preparation of claims. Processing and analysing project records we create time, cost and quality benefits. 

Augment your team with information expertise that digitally enables claim preparation or rebuttal. Our services inform strategic decision making, better evidence claims to improve prospects, reduce burden on internal resource and prime records to create efficiencies that reduce the cost of external claim, legal or expert advisors. 

How we do it

We inform claim strategy, advising on techniques which underpin robust, compelling evidence. This enables otherwise cost prohibitive analyses and to undermine claim narratives or expert evidence.

We act as Integrator, managing the project data interface with advisors. We give you control of the time, cost and quality benefits that flow from informed processing of project records.

We piece together highly fragmented evidence, democratizing access to techniques proven in arbitration and litigation, including emergent technologies such as AI enhanced document capture.

We undertake discrete data extraction tasks or provide an end-to-end managed service to collate, host, process and analyse claim records.

We design, implement or critically evaluate quantum methodologies such as sampling and extrapolation, avoiding common pitfalls, ensuring they stand up to scrutiny whilst improving claim prospects.

We reduce the time and cost of responding to complex or high volume information requests. By ensuring an informed response we maximise the proportion of structured data and drive efficiency.


The high degree of variation in engineering and construction supply chains makes for a complex and often challenging information landscape. 

We combine insight, technology and techniques honed in arbitration and litigation and apply them in commercial and operational settings. This improves commercial or executive decision making whilst introducing new avenues to streamline or replace time consuming and costly business processes. 

How we do it

We automate or optimise labour intensive business processes reducing overheads, improving contract administration and protecting profit margin.

We process and connect project records on commercially challenging projects to improve situational awareness and inform investment decisions, recovery strategy or in contemplation of claims.

We debias project reporting to better inform executives responsible for steering projects, strategy development or commercial negotiation.

In consultation with commercial managers we identify opportunties for project record related process automation. Typical examples include invoices, timesheet or the timely preparation of management or progress reports 

We increase efficiency and reduce costs of future claims or disputes by preparing standardised (boiler plate) content for use or adaption by commercial teams or external advisors.

We evaluate the risk and opportunity presented by unprocessed project records and provide recommendations based on organisational priorities. In doing so, we minimise uncertainty and avoid lost opportunity.


We enhance legal or expert service offers, providing analytical firepower which create the time, cost and quality benefits that improve prospects and demonstrate client value.

We understand how to harness project data to underpin or undermine commercial or legal outcomes as required. Our services inform and make for more robust early case assessment and opinion, while increasing options for analysis. We enhance discovery, advice and opinion by combining expert services experience, forensic technology and detailed knowledge of information systems and architecture.

How we do it

Our services are field of expertise and sector agnostic, we identify and overcome analytical hurdles cause budget creep and cost overrun.

We digitally enable early case assessment or initial opinions on what can practically be achieved with the available evidence using advanced forensic and document capture techniques.

We overcome evidential roadblocks such as highly fragmented or highly variable project records allowing high value analyses otherwise ruled out as cost prohibitive.

Our focus, first to unlock and then position our clients to capitalise on the time, cost and quality benefits that flow from informed processing of project records.

We harness technology for complex extraction and aggregation to de-globalise claims and improve client prospects.

We adapt to individual project requirements and deliver services by embedding with legal or expert teams, undertaking discrete data extraction tasks on-demand or providing back office data processing and interface management.

We support legal, expert teams and decision makers not just to find but to extract and analyse relevant project data at a fraction of the cost of analogue techniques.

We inform claim strategy ensuring computer assisted or fully automated extraction of relevant data to minimise labour intensive analogue techniques and demonstrate client value.

We provide technical liaison with software vendors on behalf of legal and expert advisors ​to maximise use of structured data and to achieve atypical requirements. For example, the bulk extraction relevant data not otherwise accesible to platform users.



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