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Founded to harness the untapped potential of new and emerging technology, we expedite otherwise labour intensive processes that persist in engineering and construction.

The team incorporate insight from across real estate and construction management, construction information technology, behavioural economics, claim preparation and expert services.

Our mission, to provide information expertise to our clients when it matters.




Charlie Woodley
Managing Director

We recognised the transformative opportunity for forensic technology and AI document capture to optimise service or operational efficiency, outcomes and cost. 

Locating, extracting and analysing relevant project data is mission critical. In over a decade of providing analytical firepower to the dispute resolution sector we frequently observed how overconfidence, project records shortcomings and a data skills shortage would converge to undermine commercial or legal outcomes.

We built our company around the core capability of data wrangling. It is the process of harnessing technology to find, collate, clean and unify messy and complex data sets for easy access and analysis. 

The claims, legal and expert services we offer combine the latest technology with the understanding of how to harness them to overcome the information challenges that routinely compromise prospects.

Our commercial offer combines insight from real estate and construction management and the continuous evaluation of the commercial applications of technology and techniques honed in claims or disputes. 

We enable clients to do more, quicker and for less with what they already have available to them.

We work with project stakeholders and their advisors to create advantage through digital ways of working. Contact us to find out how more.


We are committed to managing our business to positively impact those with who we interact, our industry and broader society. 
Our team

Integrity, empathy and emotional intelligence are critical to our success. Operating a meritocracy, all employees are recognised and rewarded commensurate to their performance, effort, contribution and achievement. We support diversity, fairness and equal opportunities and routinely consult with employees as to the direction of the business.

Our customers

We strive to earn the trust and respect that underpin long term client relationships by demonstrating our understanding of short term objectives and long term strategy. We are committed to the transfer of knowledge and to support customer organisational learning. We maintain the highest professional and ethical standards and act with integrity and transparency in all we do.

Our suppliers

We are careful to choose suppliers that recognise the underutilisation of technology in engineering and construction but share our commitment to professional and ethical conduct in a globlised market. We act as a conduit between our customers and suppliers to inform product and service development that benefits all.

Our health & safety

We commit to maintain the highest standards of health and safety and provide a safe and healthy working environment. 

Our environment

We are aware of the environmental impact of our business and continuously strive to educate employees and suppliers to reduce our collective footprint.

Our community

To us community is intrinsically linked with the environment in which we live. The outdoors has an undeniable positive impact on mental and physical well-being, so as a business we actively support and donate to Tinder Sticks Community Interest Company (CIC). A social enterprise, Tinder Sticks uses bushcraft and outdoor education to connect communities with their local environment.


For further information on the multitude of ways in which Tinder Sticks connects communities and the outdoors please visit 


Tindersticks (CIC) in partnership with



Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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