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Expert advisor assistance | Data wrangling

Expedited extraction, consolidation and visualisation of fabrication data from progress records relating to the construction of two commercial ships.

Rapid turnaround, one quarter of the time benchmarked using analogue techniques, allowed forensic interrogation from the outset and expedited narrative development.

Project: Construction of two commercial vessels.
Client: British shipyard.
Challenge: Following an urgent instruction, the delay expert needed to consolidate and visualise fabrication data for the two vessels to before substantive analysis could begin. Using manual techniques, the exercise was forecast to take 115 hours unduly squeezing the period for forensic delay analysis.
Solution: Programmatically extracted and consolidated vessel progress data by weight and overall percentage from over two hundred Excel reports. Created pivot charts with dynamic titles to expedite creation of visuals for use the experts delay report, all within 30 hours.
Outcome: Expedited data extraction allowed the resulting schedules and visuals to be used as the basis of investigations by both the commercial team and delay expert advisor.

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