Put project records to work. We combine advanced forensic and document capture technology to reach hard to get facts. We quickly find, extract and connect data of value.



Founded in 2019, we democratise access to analytical firepower normally the preserve of arbitration and litigation.

Our insight into record related challenges is grounded in decades of experience providing analytical services in claims and dispute resolution. This included the creation of a global causation research programme which has analysed 700+ projects with a total CAPEX exceeding USD 1 trillion.

Understanding of the positive impact of grassroot data improvements comes from commercial experience in real estate, construction management and information technology, including  behavioural economics and decision making research.


Complexity and variability make the engineering and construction information landscape challenging.

Our vision is to harness technology to overcome the challenges that prevent engineering and construction stakeholders from readily tapping value and advantage from the wealth of available project records.

Let's consign the days of being data rich information poor to the past.


So we can address the challenges our clients face, we combine deep sector insight with leading document processing solutions from the worlds of legal forensics and document capture providers.

Our services are designed to achieve significant time, cost or quality benefits at the intersection of project delivery, legal technology and claims or dispute resolution.

We leverage the full power of our scalable solution to engage with clients at a task, project or organisational level.

Put CPUs to work not people.



dispute data provide people, process and technology to streamline labour intensive business processes and effectively piece together highly fragmented facts to improve project control, decision making, or for use in claims or disputes.


For companies we...

Reduce overheads and broaden analytical options by expediting labour intensive activities such as processing invoices, timesheets or information requests.

Mitigate project control risk posed by poor third-party records, poor information governance or high staff turnover. Overcome disparate data silos and inform project recovery, claims or disputes.

Reduce claim preparation or rebuttal costs with improved data. Accrue time and cost savings and improve claim quality and prospects.

Improve reporting, situational awareness, decision making and control by analysing a far greater proportion of the available records, quickly.

Replace inefficient fact finding and costly manual data extraction with proactive forensics and document capture (consultants spend 60-80% of time finding and extracting facts).

De-globalise claims using forensics to piece together highly fragmented facts improving

 claim quality and prospects.



dispute data provide people, process and technology to advisors in need of additional analytical firepower. Overcome the challenges that arise when clients overestimate the quality of their project records or when you underestimate the time and cost of finding and extracting relevant data. 

For legal, claims and dispute advisors we...

Instil confidence that all relevant data will be found and efficiently extracted, including from blind spots like email attachments or handwritten text.

Hit the ground running with our intelligent document classification and gap filling. Simplify information requests, speed review and allow meaningful analysis to commence earlier. 

Improve claim or service quality, our services will increase the proportion of hours for value adding analysis and drafting, or reduce overall hours saving cost. 

Maximise the potential for accrued time, cost or quality benefits by using our forensics capabilities to get available data working for you from the outset. 

We expedite labour intensive data extraction so you can maintain forecast budget or protect profit margin under capped or fixed fee arrangements. 

Provide forensics designed to facilitate not frustrate claim, dispute advisors and experts. 



01  TASK

Already committed to a course of action and hit a roadblock, or need some analytical firepower to deal with a particularly arduous data extraction exercise?

We provide ad hoc support for teams who encounter significantly more challenging extraction or consolidation than envisaged.

Depending on the task and available records we work on a fixed fee or hourly basis.

Why not give us a call before before pulling the plug on your preferred course of action.


Engaged at a project level we can data enable commercial or advisor teams struggling with the volume of unstructured data.

We assess the major challenges and tailor solutions to each project depending on your priorities.

Depending on the scale of project likely involvement we work on either a retainer or hourly basis.

Our solution allows for a structured approach and improves information governance and decision making across convoluted information architectures or when the supply chain is not adhering to policy or procedure.


We can leverage our infrastructure to tackle the multitude of labour-intensive processes such as invoice or timesheet processing which can be fully integrated with existing workflows.

We offer a fully managed data service for clients who want to differentiate themselves on information governance. 

For clients concerned with the potential for runaway claim or dispute costs, we offer a client-side service where we proactively process your data so it is dispute ready. This expedites information requests, reduces internal costs, avoids diverting resources and increases efficiency of external advisors, saving significant further cost. 





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